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Each person is unique and has their own story.

In counseling, it's important for clients to work with a trusted, knowledgeable therapist and to be acknowledged and valued for who they are. 

Kristen has extensive training and experience in helping clients 

specific to their unique personality and experiences in life.



Sadness and Depression

Sadness and depression show up in a variety of ways. Some people get angry and irritable while others lose energy and might have trouble getting out of bed or functioning. Regardless of how a client's sadness or depression shows, Kristen helps clients gain more energy, find more purpose, and overcome what is holding them back. 

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Having a baby is a huge adjustment. Add a slew of hormonal changes, and it's no wonder that Postpartum Depression and Anxiety are so common. Kristen offers a safe place for mothers to feel supported and helped through a very challenging time. Many clients find that having a place that is their own helps them feel better right away, and clients continue to feel better as Kristen's specialized approach helps them feel and function better so that they can enjoy such a special season of life.

Bereavement and Grief

Losing a loved one can be a very painful experience. Counseling helps clients process their pain and learn how to move forward. Clients often tell Kristen how thankful they are to have a safe space to say things they can't always say to friends and family who may also be grieving.

Stress and Anxiety

Many clients come to Kristen feeling stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed. Whether it's a temporary season of stress (like a move or a new position at work) or long term anxiety that's lasted for years, Kristen helps clients reduce their worry and better enjoy their lives.

Relationship Issues

"We are hardwired for connection" as Dr. Brene Brown has shown in her research. Unfortunately, relationships are often where we feel the most emotional pain. Kristen helps clients heal where they have been wounded to create enjoyable, meaningful, satisfying relationships with their spouse, children, extended family, coworkers, and even strangers at the grocery store.

Trauma and PTSD

Treating trauma is highly sensitive and requires a professional with specific training in how to help clients heal with out being retraumatized. Kristen has extensive experience helping clients heal from trauma from emotional and/or physical abuse within a relationship (spousal and even parental within the client's upbringing), war and other military experiences, and sexual assault including rape.

Career Transition

Kristen often helps clients struggle with their career path. Some clients have found their career path but are considering taking a new one. Other clients come to Kristen in difficult job circumstances such as a problematic boss or pressure to stay with the family business and need help finding a way out. Kristen helps clients sort through their strengths, weakness, and life goals to help them find a career path they love.

Parenting Struggles

Parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual. Kristen's knowledge of healthy communication, secure attachment, and other psychological components helps parents overcome the worries and challenges they experience.

Religious Confusion

Religion can be a very powerful, influential experience in our upbringing. Whether clients come from conservative or liberal religious backgrounds, Kristen provides a safe, confidential space for clients to explore their thoughts, questions, and feelings as it pertains to their spiritual life.

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